Guilderland High School Soccer

Boys Freshman - 2014

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          2014  Boys Freshmen Roster

No. Grade
Abd El Malek, Michel 9 9
Ashery, Aaron 30 9
Creighton, Matt 15 9
DiBella, Manny 22 9
Eddy, Ryan 23 9
Huang, Kevin 21 9
Khan, Sayeed 8 9
Kinnally, Matt 19 9
Mauro, Travis 14 9
Mendel, Alex 10 9
Nauman, Hunter 26 9
Nho, Paul 16 9
Rosenblatt, Ben 18 9
Sanders, Ryan 12 9
Sbardella, Angelo 2 9
Sciocchetti, Marco 7 9
Tricozzi, John 11 9
Chen, Rubin 5 8
Czekay, Andrew 6 8
Tynan, Casey
4 8
Weaver, Sean
Head Coach:   Craig
2014 - 2015 (updates by games)

Record (overall): 9-7-0 (W-L-T)
Goals For: 29
Goals Against: 14

Fixtures & Results:

9/06/14 @Columbia: Columbia  1.  Guilderland  2.
Goals: Paul Nho (1), Ryan Sanders (1)
Assists: Casey Tynan (1), Michel Abd El Malek (1)

The Guilderland Freshmen Soccer team kicked off the season vs. the Blue Devis of Columbia. After a scoreless 1st half which was dominated by the Dutchmen, the 1st goal of the season was scored by Paul Nho which came off of a play started by Travis Mauro and assisted by Casey Tynan. The Freshmen boys eventually took a 2-0 lead later in the 2nd half on a goal scored by Ryan Sanders, assisted by Michel Abd El Malek. The Blue Devils fought back scoring a goal late in the 2nd half and continued to press the Dutchmen until the final whistle. The Dutchmen prevailed on this day 2-1 with Aaron Ashery playing a strong goal with 4 saves.

9/10/14 @Home:  Guilderland  2.  Colonie Central  1.
Goals: John Tricozzi (1), Travis Mauro (1)
Assists: Marco Sciocchetti (1), Ben Rosenblatt (1)

Facing the Raiders of Colonie at their home opener on September 10th, the Dutchmen dominated with offensive play most of the game and came away with a 2-1 victory improving their record to 2-0. First goal was scored by John Tricozzi, assisted by Marco Sciocchetti. The final score came off of a well placed corner kick by Ben Rosenblatt that found Travis Mauro ready at the net. Aaron Ashery and Hunter Nauman shared the goalie responsibility and secured the victory.

9/15/14 @Bethlehem:  Bethlehem 0.  Guilderland 5.
Goals: John Tricozzi (1), Sayeed Khan (1), Ryan Sanders (1), Michel Abd El Malek (1), Angelo Sbardella (1)
Assists: Ben Rosenblatt (1), Alex Mendel (1), Casey Tynan (1)

Dutchmen still unbeaten after three games! - They traveled to Bethlehem where they continued to dominate offensively, shutting out the Eagles 5-0. The first goal came off of a nice header by John Tricozzi after a direct kick by Ben Rosenblatt.  The second goal was scored by Sayeed Khan, unassisted after he took possession of the ball that the Eagles defense could not clear. Guilderland's 3rd goal was scored by Ryan Sanders with the assist by Alex Mendel. The scoring continued with a goal by Michel Abd El Malek, assisted by Casey Tynan who kept the play alive in the Eagles' box after a corner kick. Angelo Sbardella added the icing on the cake with an unassisted goal late in the second half. Aaron Ashery held the Eagles scoreless with Hunter Nauman protecting the net later in the game.

9/17/14 @Home: Guilderland 1.  Shen 2.
Goals: Ryan Sanders (1)
Assists: 0

In an very evenly matched game, the Dutchmen lost their first game of the season 2-1 to the Shen Plainsmen. After a scoreless 1st half, the Dutchmen took a 1-0 lead on an unassisted goal by Ryan Sanders. The Plainsmen battled back offensively late in the 2nd half eventually scoring two goals to secure the victory. Aaron Ashery continues to play a solid keeper with seven saves on this day frustrating the Shen players.

9/19/14 @Saratoga:  Saratoga 0.  Guilderland 1.
Goals: Travis Mauro (1)
Assists: Paul Nho (1)

After a physical, evenly matched game against the Blue Streaks of Saratoga, the Dutchmen improved their record to 4-1 with a 1-0 road win on Friday. The lone goal of the game came from Travis Mauro with an assist from Paul Nho on a play started by Ryan Eddy. Aaron Ashery continued to protect the goal well for Guilderland, recording another shutout.

9/22/14 @Home:  Guilderland 4. Niskayuna 0.
Goals: Alex Mendel (1), Michel Abd El Malek (1), John Tricozzi (1), Paul Nho (1)
Assists: Matt Kinnally (1), Travis Mauro (1)

The Freshmen boys improved their record to 5-1 with another shutout against the Silver Warriors of Niskayuna, winning the match 4-0. First goal of the game came from Alex Mendel, unassisted, giving the Dutch a 1-0 at halftime. The scoring continued in the second half with a beautiful assist by Matt Kinnally to Michel Abd El Malek followed by an unassisted goal by John Tricozzi as he settled the ball in front of the net and finished with a strong shot at the goal. The final goal came from Paul Nho and he was setup nicely by an assist from Travis Mauro. The Dutchmen dominated the offensive zone much of the game and had many opportunities. Hunter Nauman recorded the shutout playing goalie for the entire game and keeping Niskayuna off the scoreboard.

9/26/14 @Home:  Guilderland 1.  Shaker 2.
Goals: Michel Abd El Malek (1)
Assists: Casey Tynan (1)

The Freshmen boys suffered their second loss of the season against the Shaker Bison. The Dutchmen took a 1-0 lead in the first half with a goal by Mickel Abd El Malek with an assist by Casey Tynan who kept the ball alive in the box.The Bison scored their first goal in the second half off of a long direct kick and eventually scoring the winning goal with 6 minutes left in the game to secure the victory.

9/29/14 @Ballston Spa:  Ballston Spa 2.  Guilderland 0.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

The Scotties of Ballston Spa handed the Freshmen boys their third loss of the season scoring two goals in the 1st half of the game. The Dutchmen defense held their own in the 2nd half keeping the Scotties off the board with Aaron Ashery hanging tough for the entire game in the Guilderland goal.

10/01/14 @Home:  Guilderland 3.  Columbia 1.
Goals: John Tricozzi (1), Casey Tynan (2)
Assists: Casey Tynan (1), Ryan Eddy (1), Matt Kinnally (1)

The Freshmen Dutch are back to their winning ways with a 3-1 victory over the Blue Devils of Columbia. The Dutchmen jumped out to a 1-0 lead within the first 5 minutes of the game with a goal by John Tricozzi assisted by Casey Tynan. The score remained the same for the rest of the half even though Guilderland dominated the offensive zone for the majority of the half and had many scoring opportunities. The Blue Devils tied the game in the 2nd half, but Guilderland came back with two more goals before the final whistle. Casey Tynan scored the 2nd goal assisted by a great cross from Ryan Eddy. Tynan continued his strong performance in offense by sealing the deal with the third goal of the game, the assist going to Matt Kinnally. Hunter Nauman held the Blue Devils to one goal on this day as he defended the goal the entire game.

10/06/14 @Colonie:  Colonie 0. Guilderland 6.
Goals: John Tricozzi(2),Paul Nho(1),Michel Abd El Malek(2)
Assists:  Ben Rodenblatt (2), Ryan Sanders (1), Kevin Huang (1), Alex Mendel (1)

It took a while for the offense to come around at Colonie on Monday with a challenging wind, but the Guilderland Dutchmen offense finally found the net in the first half with a goal by John Tricozzi off of a great direct kick by Ben Rosenblatt. The score remained 1-0 at halftime. The Dutchmen weren't done as the scoring continued with Trcozzi netting his second goal of the day with an assist awarded to Ryan Sanders on a beautiful cross to John. Paul Nho netted the third goal by getting a foot on a ball in the left corner of the goal, assist to Kevin Huang. Michel Abd El Malek scored the next two goals of the game; his first goal was set up with an assist by Alex Mendel and the final goal came off a direct kick from Ben Rosenblatt that Abd El Malek drove to theback of the net. Aaron Ashery continues to keep the Guilderland goal secure, notching another shutout for the Dutchmen.

10/10/14 @Home:  Guilderland 0.  Bethlehem 1.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

In it's rematch with the Eagles of Bethlehem, the tides were turned and the Bethlehem Freshmen defeated the Dutch 1-0. The lone goal of the match came with a shot on goal by Bethlehem that made it past goalie Hunter Nauman who minded the net today. The Dutchmen's offense kicked in during the second half with a number of excellent scoring chances, unfortunately none of which found the back of the net.

10/15/14 @Shen:  Shen 1. Guilderland 0.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

After playing to a 0-0 tie in regulation, the Freshmen Dutchmen boys lost to Shen in another heartbreaker game giving up a goal in OT 0-1. Aaron Ashley played a great goal for the game allowing the lone goal early in the OT period. Guilderland had chances during regulation but could not find the back of the net. The defense played well, shadowing some of the Shen offensive targets, not allowing them to score throughout regulation.

10/17/14 @Home:  Guilderland 0. Saratoga 2.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

The Freshmen boys gave up another close game loosing to the Blue Streaks of Saratoga 0-2. The offense had some chances especially in the 2nd half of the game off of some direct and corner kicks, but the balll just can't seem to find thre back of the net. Aaron Ashery kept the game close minding the net the entire game. The boys are looking forward to Monday to get a chance to get back to their winning ways against Niskayuna!

10/20/14 @Niskayuna:  Niskajuna 0.  Guilderland 1.
Goals: Ryan Sander (1)
Assists: Michel Abd El Malek (1)

The Freshmen Dutchmen boys broke their three game losing streak with a nice win against Niskayuna winning 1-0. The lone goal came in the 1st half off of a nice assist from Michel Abd El Malek to Ryan Sanders. The Dutchmen offensive was very active all afternoon mounting some great scoring chances and keeping the Niskayuna goalie busy. Hunter Nauman secured the shutout for the Dutchmen making some great saves in the goal on this day. The team has two games left to the season, looking to get even with Shaker and Ballston Spa later this week.

10/22/14 @Shaker:  Shaker 0.  Guilderland 3.
Goals: John Tricozzi (1), Caset Tynan (1), Ryan Eddy (1)
Assists: Andrew Czekay (1), Ryan Sanders (1)

The Freshmen boys' offense returned after a short hiatus ... the Dutchmen notched another win against Shaker on Wednesday 3-1. The first goal came off of a corner from Andrew Czekay to John Tricozzi to start the scoring. The second goal was scored by Casey Tynan with an assist going to Ryan Sanders. The final Guilderland goal was scored unassisted by Ryan Eddy. Shaker scored one goal in the second half. Aaron Ashery continues to play a great goal for Guilderland who looks to go 10-6 for the season on Friday at home against the Scotties of Ballston Spa.

10/24/14 @Home: Guilderland 0.  Ballston Spa 3.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

The Dutchmen were handed a tough loss for their final game on Friday by The Scotties of Ballston Spa, 0-3. The Freshmen boys could not get any offense going all game long and struggled to get the ball past Ballston Spa's D-line and goalie. Aaron Ashery played the entire game and was very aggressive in goal during this game. The Freshmen boys ended the season 9-7 and the players and parents would like to thank Coach Levernois for a great coaching job this season and to Chris Eddy for keeping us all organized and on task.


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