Guilderland High School Soccer

Boys JV 2019

     2019 Boys Junior Varsity Roster


       No  Pos Grade
Andersen, Jake
McCallum, Flynn
 GK 11
Schultz, Peter
 FB/RM 11
VanWormer, Jonathan
 CM 11
Zieba, Robert
 CB 11
Altieri, Logan
 F/W 10
Burke, Sean
 CM 10
Cole, Garrett
 FB 10
DiMartino, Nick
 FB/GK 10
Fiori, William
 FB/CB 10
Knapp, Ryan
 CAM/F 10
Qu, Tianli
 FB 10
Ragule, Jake
 F/W 10
VanDeusen, Daniel
 FB/RM 10
Walsh, Justin
 CM/RM 10
Wesselhoeft, Kyle
 CDM/CB 10
Cummings, Caden
 FB 9
Cummings, Colby
 FB 9
Glavic, Mirzad
 FB/CB 9
Hosey, Joshua
 CM 9
Kapusinsky, Justin
11  F/W 9
Shepard, Owen
 CM  9
 Head Coach:
 Jordan  Weeden  
 Player  Goals  Assists  Points
Altieri 2 1 3
Burke 1 1 2
Schultz 4 4
1 1
Wesselhoeft 1 2 3
Hosey 5 4 9
Kapusinsky 4 2 6
VanWormer 3 1 4
Cummings 1 1 2
Shepard 2 3 5
Knapp 1 1 2
Qu 1 2 3
Walsh 1 1
Glavic 1 1 2
2 2

2019 - 2020 (updates by games)

Record (overall): 6-8-1 (W-L-D)
Goals For: 29
Goals Against: 24

Fixtures & Results:
reports provided by "team reporter" Bryan Cummings

10/18/2019:  GHS - CBA  2:3
Goals: Knapp (1), Hosey (1)
Assists: Wesselhoeft (1), Kapusinsky (1)

One final score to report for the JV boys. We lost to CBA 3-2. Kyle Wesselhoeft had an assist to Ryan Knapp on a free kick putting the Dutchmen up 1-0. CBA scored to tie the game. CBA was awarded a PK on a handball in the box. The PK was good putting CBA up 2-1. Justin Kapusinsky had an assists to Josh Hosey to tie the game at 2 a piece. A foul with seconds remaining gave CBS a free kick which they put in the back of the net for the win. The Dutchmen finished their season with 7 wins, 8 losses, and 1 tie in double overtime.

10/15/2019: GHS - Ballston Spa  6:1
Goals: Altieri (1), Shepard (1), Van Wormer (1), Hosey (1), Kapusinsky (1), Cummings (1)
Assists: Shepard (1), Altieri (1), Glavic (1), VanWormer (1)

The JV boys beat Ballston Spa 6-1 today. Owen Shepard had an assist to Logan Altieri for the 1st goal. Then Logan Altieri had an assist to Owen Shepard for the 2nd goal. Mirzad Glavic had an assist to John VanWormer. John VanWormer had an assist to Josh Hosey putting the Dutchmen up 4-0 at the half. Justin Kapusinsky scored the 1st goal in the 2nd half. Ballston Spa scroed. Ballston Spa then had a handball inside the box. Caden Cummings scored on the PK. The Dutchmen win 6-1.

(non-league game)
10/12/2019: GHS - Gloversville  8:0
Goals: Kapusinsky (1), Schultz (3), Walsh (1), Glavic (1), McCallum (2)
Assists: Hosey (3), Qu (1)

The JV Boys soccer team deafeated Gloversville 8-0 in a non-league contest today. Justing Kapusinsky scored the 1st goal unassisted. Peter Schultz scored his first of 3 goals unassisted. Josh Hosey assisted on the other two goals. The Dutchmen lead 4-0 at the half. Peter Schultz played keeper in the 2nd half for the Dutchmen. Josh Hosey had an assist to Justin Walsh making it 5-0. George Qu had an assist to Mirzad Glavic, putting the Dutchmen up 6-0. Flynn McCallum (the starting keeper) capped off the scoring with 2 unassisted goals.

10/10/2019:  Shen - GHS  4:1
Goals: Shepard (1)
Hosey (1)

The JV Boys lost to Shen today 4-1. Shen opened the scoring in the first half with two goals. The second goal for Shen came off a penalty kick. Shen lead 2-0 at the half. Josh Hosey had an assist to Owen Shepard for the only score for the Dutchmen. Shen then scored two more goals to win the game 4-1


10/05/2019:  GHS - Columbia  0:0

Goals: 0


The JV boys game ended 0-0 after 2 overtime periods today. The Dutchmen boys dominated most of the game today. Kyle Wesselhoeft got a red card as time was expiring after the 2nd overtime. 


09/26/2019:  Shaker HS - GHS  3:0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

The JV soccer team lost to Skaher today 3-0. Shaker had a 1-0 lead at halftime.


09/24/2019:  Burnt Hills HS - GHS  2:0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

The JV soccer team lost to Burnt Hills today 2-0. Both goals were scored by Burnt Hills in the first half.


09/23/2019:  GHS - Niskayuna  2:0

Goals: Qu (1), Wesselhoeft (1)

Assists: Kapusinsky (1)

The JV boys defeated Niskayuna today 2-0. The score was 0-0 after the first half. George Qu opened the scoring with a header off a cross from Justin Kapusinsky. Kyle Wesselhoeft scored the Dutchmen's 2nd goal on a free kick after Owen Shepard was fouled. It was a great win against a talented Niskayuna team. Great job boys!


09/21/2019: GHS - Colonie  2:1

Goals: Hosey (2)

Assists: Qu (1), Shepard (1)

It was a hot and sunny day and both teams came out ready to play. Colonie scored off a header about 10 minutes into the game but Guilderland responded a ,imute later with a goal by Josh Hosey (assisted by George Qu) to tie the game 1-1. The game stayed tied for over 65 minutes until Hosey found the back of the net again, off of an assist from Owen Shepard, with less than a minute left. Dutchmen won 2-1!


09/19/2019:  Bethlehem - GHS  2:0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

The JV boys lost to Bethlehem today 2-0. The score was tied 0-0 at the half. Bethlehem scored their first goal with a header on a corner kick. Bethlehem's second goal came on a penalty kick.

 (Non-league game)

09/14/2019: Mechanicville - GHS 1:0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

The JV boys lost against Mechanicville 1:0 today.  

09/12/2019: GHS - Troy HS  5:0
Goals: Hosey (1), Kapusinsky (2), VanWormer (2)
Assists: Cummings (1), Shepard (1), Knapp (1)

The JV boys soccer team beat Troy today 5-0. Josh Hosey led off the scoring with an assist from Colby Cummings. Owen Shepard had an assist to Justin Kapusinsky to put the Dutchmen up 2-0 before the end of the first half. Justin Kapusinsky opened the scoring in the second half with a breakaway putting the Dutchmen up 3-0. John Van Wormer then scored unassisted, making the score 4-0. John VanWormer then scored the Dutchmen's 5th goal on an assist from Ryan Knapp.


09/10/2019: Albany HS - GHS  3:0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

The boys JV soccer team lost to Albany High 3-0. Albany scored their first goal with a header from a corner kick. Albany scored again with 5 min left in the first half. Albany scored again with 4:46 left in the game.


09/05/2019: Saratoga HS - GHS  3:0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

The JV boys had a disappointing 3-0 loss to Saratoga this afternoon. Saratoga scored their first goal 10 minutes into the first half. Saratoga scored their second and third goals on free kicks in the second half. The Dutchmen just couldn't put anything together offensively against a very athletic Saratoga team.


09/03/2019: GHS - Ballston Spa HS 3-0
Goals: Altieri (1), Burke (1), Schultz (1)
Assists: Burke (1), Wesselhoeft (1), Cole (1)

The JV boys kicked off their first game of the season today at home against Ballston Spa. The first half was a bit back and forth and neither team was able to net a goal before halftime. The Dutchmen came out ready to play in the second half though and Sean Burke quickly assisted Logan Altieri for a goal just 2 minutes into the half. The Dutchmen kept the pressure up and Sean scored the 2nd goal off of a pass from Kyle Wesselhoeft. Later in the half, Garrett Cole had a great cross to the center that Peter Schultz put in the back of the net to clinch the game. Great start to the season! (report by Pam Walsh)

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