Guilderland High School Soccer

Boys Junior Varsity - 2014 

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     2014 Junior Varsity Roster

No. Grade
Irving, Ben 25 11
Donohue, Kyle 8 10
Eldeiry, Andrew 10 10
Friguletto, Mike 6 10
Grant, Ben 0 10
Hamilton, Mike 11 10
Hoffmann, Eric 18 10
Iuorno, Matt 19 10
Kelley, Liam 14 10
Lia, Antonio 15 10
Lindberg, Anders 16 10
Petti, Derek 22 10
Phillips, Connor 2 10
Treanor, Owen 23 10
Yu, Eddie
 17 10
Couture, Adam   7 9
DuMoulin, Dan   21 9
Honen, Nick 24 9
Smith, Hugh   1 9

Head Coach:  Bill

Thanks to Coach Bogue for settling the team and starting them in the right direction after the season opening debacle against Bethlehem. The JV finished the season with 40 goals and only allowed 15 goals by their opponents; this is even more impressive when you realize that 7 of those goals against occured in the season opener. The Dutchmen's admirable defensive stats are reflective of the solid work in goal provided all season long by keepers Hugh Smith, Owen Treanor, and Ben Grant, and the strong defensive work of the back line trio of Nick Honen, Derek Patti, and Eric Hoffmann. Kudos to the JV for a great season and best of luck to the varsity in the coming post season campaign.
2014 - 2015 (updates by games)

Record (overall): 11-4-1 (W-L-T)
Goals For: 40
Goals Against: 15

Fixtures & Results:

9/03/14 @Home: Guilderland 0. Bethlehem 7.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

9/04/14 @Columbia: Columbia 0.  Guilderland 2.
Goals: Antonio Lia (2)
Assists: Anders Lindberg (1)

9/09/14 @Colonie Central HS: Colonie 1. Guilderland  2.
Goals: Matt Iuorno (2)
Assists: Ben Irving (1)

After a rough home opener into the 2014 season against Bethlehem, the Dutchmen responded with back-to-back wins. Supported by two 1st half goals by Matt Iuorno, one off an assist by Ben Irving, the Dutchmen secured an important away win against division rival Colonie Central. Next, the Dutchmen will travel for a non-divisional game to Niskayuna.

9/11/14 @Niskayuna: Niskayuna 1.  Guilderland 0.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

The Dutchmen lost to Niskayuna 1-0 on Thursday. The sole goal for Nisky resulted from a questionable foul call in th ebox that gave them a penalty kick. Goalie Owen Treanor actually blocked the penalty kick, but an onrushing player from Nisky was able to reach the ball first to put in the rebound.

9/13/14 @Home: Guilderland 2.  Shaker 0.
Goals: Anders Lindberg (2)
Assists: Matt Iuorno (1), Ben Irving (1)

Saturday's steady rain seemed to bring out the best inthe boy's JV team. Guilderland defeated Shaker 2-0 off two early goals by Anders Lindberg, assisted by Matt Iuorno and Ben Irving, respectively. Keepers Owen Treanor (1st half) and Hugh Smith (2nd half) made several big saves to preserve the victory, along with a little help from their friends the crossbars. After five games the JV record stands at 3-2-0.

9/16/14 @Burnt Hills: Burnt Hills 0. Guilderland 3.
Goals: Ben Irving (1), Andrew Eldeiry (1), Nick Honen (1)
Assists: Matt Iuorno (1), Anders Lindberg (1)

After a solid performance at home in the rain against Shaker, the JV showed that they cold play just as well on the road and in the sun with a 3-0 win over Burnt Hills. Ben Irving opened the scoring early in the 1st half off an assist from Matt Iuorno. Andrew Eldeiry added another 1st half goal unassisted, decisively directing a rebound off the BH keeper into the net. Guilderland finished the scoring in the 2nd half on a goal by Nick Honen assisted by Anders Lindberg. Guilderland preserved the shut out with a solid performance in goal by Hugh Smith. Next up, a home game against Ballston Spa (9/18) and on the road against Averill park on Sat.

9/18/14 @Home:  Guilderland 5.  Ballston Spa 2.
Goals: Mike Friguletto (1), Eddie Yu (2), Adam Couture (1), Antonio Lia (1)
Assists: Eddie Yu (1), Antonio Lia (1), Dan DuMoulin (1)

Sophomores Antonio Lia and Eddie Yu rejoined the JV team yesterday and their presence had a significant impact as the Dutchmen defeated a junio-laden Ballston Spa squad 5-2. Guilderland got on the board early when Mile Friguletto headed in a beautiful cross from Eddie Yu. Later in the 1st half, Eddie Yu scored with his own header off an assist from Antonio Lia. Ballston Spa closed out the half scoring after being gifted with a penalty kick. The visitors tied the game to start the 2nd half, but their momentum was short-lived. The Dutchmen regained the lead for good on a goial by Adam Couture, assisted by Dan DuMoulin. After a shot clanged off the crossbar, Antonio Lia put away the rebound to give Guilderland a 4-2 lead. The Dutchmen closed out the scoring on a penalty kick by Eddie Yu giving Guilderland the well-deserved 5-2 victory.

9/20/14 @Averill Park:  Averill Park 0.  Guilderland 3.
Goals: Antonio Lia (1), Mike Friguletto (1), Hugh Smith (1)
Assists: Kyle Donohue (1), Antonio Lia (1)

Guilderland's JV squad overcame a strong defensive effort by Averill Park to win 3-0 on the road. The Dutchmen's first score did not come until late in the 1st half when Antonio Lia scored unassisted. In the 2nd half, Mike Friguletto sailed in a strike from way beyond the box off an assist by Kyle Donohue. Guilderland's final goal was scored by 1st half goalie Hugh Smith assisted by Antonio Lia. The Guilderland JV/s record now stands at 6-2.

9/27/14 @Home:  Guilderland 1.  Saratoga 1.
Goals: Andrew Eldeiry (1)
Assists:  Antonio Lia (1)

Saturday's JV game against Saratoga was a tightly contested affair. Saratoga opened the scoring with a goal late in the 1st half. Guilderland got the equalizer in the 2nd half off a goal by Andrew Eldeiry assisted by Antonio Lia. The game went into overtime, but despite some good scoring chances for the Dutchmen, they were unable too break the 1-1 tie. The Dutch also lost the service of junior Ben Irving for the rest of the season as he injured his shoulder late in the final overtime period. Next up away games against Shen on Tuesday and Bethlehem on Thursday.

9/29/14 @Shenedehowa:  Shen 1.  Guilderland 0.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

There is no such thing as a good loss, but sometimes a loss can reveal the character of a team. Anyone who watched the Guilderland JV team's 1-0 overtime loss to Shen will know what I am talking about. Before the start whistle blew, the Dutchmen were at a disadvantage with two key players, Ben Irving and Antonio Lia, sidelined by injuries. Guilderland only had 16 players suited up for the game and they were facing a very deep and talented Shen squad. From the first touch on the action was non-stop. Though Shen controlled possession for much of the game, the Guilderland defense held, thanks in no small part to some stellar play in goal by keeper Hugh Smith. At the end of regulation the teams were still in a scoreless tie. And that's how the game remained until there were just a couple of minutes left in the 2nd half of overtime. A well placed header gave Shen the win. But as disappointing as the final result was, the boys should take pride in the way they played; they gave it their all and left it all on the field. Tomorrow, we will play Bethlehem in a rematch with the team that dealt us a painful loss in our season opener. Not to make any predictions, but there is one thing I know for certain, Bethlehem will be facing a very different, much better team than they did in the season opener!

10/02/14 @Bethlehem:  Bethlehem 2.  Guilderland 1.
Goals: Matt Iuorno (1)
Assists: Antonio Lia (1)

The Guilderland JV soccer team did not avenge their season opening loss to Bethlehem, but they did earn Bethlehem's respect in a closely contested game that ended in a 2-1 loss for the Dutchmen. The game proceeded in a fast paced back and forth, with both teams unable to capitalize on scoring opportunities, until Bethlehem headed in a corner kick late in the first half. Guilderland evened the match in the 2nd half off a goal by Matt Iuorno, assisted by Antonio Lia. Late in the 2nd half, Bethlehem got the go ahead goal off another header on a corner kick. With a couple minutes left, Guilderland appeared to even the match when Dan DuMoulin bounced a ball off the top crossbar that went over the line and then spun out of the goal. Unfortunately, the refs missed the call (shades of England in the 2010 World Cup), and DuMoulin was red carded when he vigorously protested. As a result the game ended in regulation, Bethlehem 2 and Guilderland 1, despite a solid performance by everyone and another outstanding outing by keeper Hugh Smith and his friend, the crossbar.

10/07/14 @Home:  Guilderland 2.  Columbia 0.
Goals: Matt Iuorno (1), Antonio Lia (1)
Assists: Eddie Yu (1)

The Guilderland JV got back into the win column Tuesday with a victory over Columbia. The 2-0 final score does not accurately reflect just how dominant the Dutchmen were. Matt Iuorno scored the first half goal off an assist by Eddie Yu. Antonio Lia closed out the scoring with an unassisted goal in the 2nd half. Keeper Ben Grant preserved the shutout with a nice save a couple of minutes before the end of regulation.

10/08/14 @Home:  Guilderland 8.  Mohonasen 0.
Goals: Antonio Lia (2), Eddie Yu (2), Owen Treanor (1), Matt Iuorno (1), Andrew Eldeiry (1), Mike Hamilton (1)
Assists: Eric Hoffmann (1), Anders Lindberg (1), Dan DuMoulin (1), Owen Treanor (1), Connor Phillips (1), Eddie Yu (1)

The scoring floodgates opened for the Guilderland JV Wednesday as they trounced an overmatched Mohonasen. The Dutchmen put up 5 goals in the 1st half. Antonio Lia opened the scoring off an assist by Eric Hoffmann. This was followed by an Eddie Yu goal assisted by Anders Lindberg. Owen Treanor then scored on a nicely placed PK. Antonio Lia followed with his second goal of the match assisted by Dan DuMoulin. Matt Iuorno closed out the 1st half scoring, assisted by Owen Treanor. The Dutchmen added 3 more goals in the 2nd half. Eddie Yu started things off with an unassisted goal. Andrew Eldeiry added to the tally off an assist by Connor Phillips. And Mike Hamilton closed out the scoring, assisted by Eddie Yu, as the Dutchmen defeat Mohonasen 8-0.

10/09/14 @Home:  Guilderland 3.  Colonie 0.
Goals: Antonio Lia (1), Mike Hamiltom (1), Matt Iuorno (1)
Assists: Eddie Yu (1), Dan DuMoulin (1)

The Guilderland JV picked up their 9th win Thursday in a defensive battle against Colonie. The Dutchmen controlled possession early in the match, but Colonie's defense stiffened whenever Guilderland attempted to convert this advantage into scoring opportunities. After this brief advantage for Guilderland the game fell into a consistent back and forth as both teams advanced the ball, but were unable to penetrate the other team's defense. Not surprisingly, the first half ended scoreless. The 2nd half delivered more of the same and it began to look like the game would be heading to overtime, but with less than 10 minutes to go in regulation the Dutchmen finally broke through when Antonio Lia slammed home a cross from Eddie Yu. Shortly after the tiebreaker was scored, Mike Hamilton corralled an errant clear attempt and fired a laser past the Colonie keeper for the Dutchmen's second goal. Matt Iuorno punched the final score off a nice redirect ny Dan DuMoulin and what had been a tight game ended in a 3-0 victory for the Dutch.

10/14/14 @Home: Guilderland 3.  Averill Park 0.
Goals: Antonio Lia (1), Mike Friguletto (1), Dan DuMoulin (1)
Assists: Eddie Yu (1), Kyle Donohue (1), Antonio Lia (1)

The Guilderland JV picked up their 10th win Tuesday against Averill Park. Antonio Lia started off the scoring knocking home a cross from Eddie Yu. Mike Friguletto punched in Guilderland's second goal off an assist from Kyle Donohue. Dan DuMoulin picked up his first goal of the season with a solid strike that came off an assist by Antonio Lia giving the Dutchmen a 3-0 first half lead. Despite a flurry of scoring opportunities in the second half the Dutchmen failed to add to their winning margin and finished the game 3-0 victors. The Dutch will play their final game of the season Thursday at Mohonasen.

10/16/14 @Mohonasen:  Mohonasen 0.  Guilderland 5.
Goals: Matt Iuorno (3), Nick Honen (1), Huge Smith (1)
Assists: Mike Hamilton (1), Matt Iuorno (1), Kyle Donohue (1)

The Guilderland JV finished out their season with a solid 5-0 win on the road against Mohonasen. Though dominant from the opening touch, the Dutchmen were unable to finish any of their scoring opportunities for much of the 1st half. Matt Iuorno finally put the Dutch on the board off a cross by Mike Hamilton. Before the half ended, Nick Honen added to the tally off an assist by Matt Iuorno. In the 2nd half, Matt Iuorno picked up his second goal when he knocked a direct kick off a goal post and into the net. Later in the half, Iuorno picked up the hat trick off an assist by Kyle Donohue. Keeper Hugh Smith, enjoying some play in the field, closed out the scoring for the Dutchmen when he slammed home his rebound off the Mohonasen keeper. Back-up Guilderland keeper Ben Grant preserved the shut out with some fine stops, including a great challenge on a Mohonasen breakaway. The victory allowed the JV to binish the season with a respectable 11-4-1 record and was their 5th consecutive shutout and 9th of the season.


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