Guilderland High School Soccer

Modified 2017

       2017 Boys Modified Roster

 Player  No  Grade
Al-Hiari, Aoun
 10  8
Ansh, Garg  9  8
Burke, Sean 8 8
Cole, Garrett  7  8
DiMartino, Nick 3 8
Fiori, Ben 16 8
Fiori, Will 29 8
Frey, Cam  1  8
Fung, Tyler 14 8
VanDeusen, Dan
 21  8
Walsh, Justin 22 8
Wilkop, Matt 20 8
Becker, Jacob 5 7
Conti, Aidan 15 7
Cummings, Cadan 24 7
Cummings, Colby 12 7
Glavic, Mirzad 23 7
Hosey, Josh 2 7
Kara, Berke 18 7
Khare, Priyansh 13 7
Khare, Pratham 4 7
Orsini, Quinn 17 7
Reilly, Gabe 19 7
Shepard, Owen  11  7
Smith, Kai 25 7

  Head Coach:  Mark   Banovic
2017- 2018 (updates by games)

Record: 5-6-1 (W-L-T)
Goals For: 23
Goals Against: 32

Fixtures & Results:
(will be updated game by game)
game reports provided by Mrs. Laura Hosey

10/27/2017 @FMS: Guilderland 3 - Bethlehem 0
Goals: Hosey (2), Qu (1)

Modified played their final game of the season at home vs. Bethlehem with a 3-0 win over them. We kept constant pressure on the Bethlehem goalie the entire time. George Qu scored in the first quarter bringing the score to 1-0. The game remained 1-0 at the half. We made a few more shots on the Bethlehem goal but they were saved by them. Josh Hosey made two back-to-back goals in the third quarter bringing the score up to 3-0. The score remained there to finish the game. Modified played cohesively and improved since the beginning of the season.

10/25/2017 @FMS: Guilderland 0 - Columbia 6
Goals: 0

Unfortunately, not much positive to report from this game. The Dutchmen were off their game today resulting in a 6-0 loss to the visitors from Columbia.

10/20/2017 @FMS: Guilderland 4 - Albany 2
Goals: Hosey (2), Fiori B. (1), Qu (1)

Guilderland played a very physical game against Albany, and we put up a good fight to secure a 4-2 win. Josh Hosey scored in the first quarter to give Guilderland a 1-0 lead. Goals by George Qu and Ben Fiori made the score 3-0 at halftime. Josh Hosey added his second goal of the game bringing the score to 4-0 in the third quarter. Albany fought back and scored two goals in the fourth quarter but we came away with the win. Guilderland played hard and fought hard. Notable players were Aidan Conti, Owen Shepard, Will Fiori, Jacob Becker, Priyansh Khare, Nick DiMartino, and goalie Cam Frey. Really nice win, Guilderland!

10/18/2017 @Troy: Troy 1 - Guilderland 3
Goals: DiMartino (1), Fiori B. (1), Shepard (1)

Guilderland traveled to Troy for the first of 2 consecutive wins. Constant pressure by Cadan Cummings allowed Guilderland to gain some momentum. Nick DiMartino scored a nice long-distance goal in the first quarter bringing the score to 1-0. Troy fought back and scored in the second quarter to tie the game. Guilderland upped the pressure and Ben Fiori scored bringing the score to 2-1 and Owen Shepard rounded out the afternoon with a goal bringing the final score to 3-1! Modified completed some nice passing in this game. Nice win, Guilderland!

10/13/2017 @FMS: Guilderland 3 - Niskayuna 3
Goals: Shepard (1), Fiori B, (1), Hosey (1)

On a chilly Friday the 13th, Guilderland Modified played quiet a game against rival Niskayuna. It was an exciting one. Guilderland was trailing Niskayuna going into the second half until a run from midfield by Josh Hosey resulted in him being fouled in the box. Owen Shepard took the penalty kick and scored bringing the score to 3-1. Shortly after, Ben Fiori scored the second goal making the score 3-2. Guilderland kept up constant offensive pressure with a final game-tying goal scored by Josh Hosey in the fourth quarter. Game went into overtime but neither team scored leaving the game at a 3-3 tie. Excellent game played by Will Fiori, Aidan Conti, Nick DiMartino and George Qu. Awesome goalie work by Quinn Orsini in second half!

10/11/2017 @FMS: Guilderland 1 - Shaker 3
Goals: Fiori B. (1)

We played a good team game against formidable opponent Shaker. Shaker scored in first quarter and then on a free kick in 2nd quarter bringing the score up to 2-0. After they scored again in the 3rd quarter, Guilderland's Ben Fiori scored in the 3rd quarter putting us on the board. Cadan Cummings applied good pressure throughout the game. Will Fiori, Owen Shepard, Jacob Becker, Colby Cummings, George Qu and Josh Horsey all played well. Great goalie work by Cam Frey! Modified is working better as a team every game!

10/06/2017 @Colonie: Colonie 0 - Guilderland 1
Goals: Fiori B. (1)

Boys Modified is learning to play more cohesively as a team which resulted in a 1-0 win over Colonie. We were tied 0-0 until the third quarter when Ben Fiori (#16) scored. We were able to keep the ball at their end a good potion of the game and held them at 1-0. All three goalies played well: Cam Frey (first half), Quinn Orsini (3rd qtr) and Pratham Khare (4th qtr). Notable play by Ben Fiori, Owen Shepard, Josh Hosey and Aidan Conti. Nice win, Dutchmen!

10/02/2017 @BHBL: BHBL 2 - GHS 0
Goals: 0

(no game report available)

09/27/2017 @FHS: Guilderland 0 - Shen 4
Goals: 0

Shen won 4-0. Notable offensive play by Jacob Becker, Colby Cummings, and Aidan Conti. In the end, Shen was too much for us.

09/25/2017 @Saratoga 6 - Guilderland 2
Goals: Fiori B. (2)

On a swelting hot day, Guilderland Modified visited Saratoga. Despite early good team offensive play, Guilderland trailed 2-0 at the half. Guilderland opened up a strong third quarter by Ben Fiori consecutively scoring two goals to tie the game at 2-2. Great effort put forth by Cadan Cummings, Ben Fiori, George Quinn and Josh Hosey. Unfortunately, a consistent effort by Saratoga put too much pressure on Guilderland's defense. Final score 6-2 in favor of Saratoga.

09/22/2017 @FMS: Guilderland 1 - Averill Park 4
Goals: Khare Pri. (1)

Challenging game for the modified team. We battled hard but in the end AP won the game 4-1. One goal was scored by Priyansh Khare in the fourth quarter. However, we made several shots on goal but were blocked by excellent defensive play by AP. There was excellent offensive play by Ben Fiori, Will Fiori, Josh Hosey, and great effort by goalies Cameron Frey and Quinn Orsini.


09/15/2017@FMS: Guilderland  6 - Mohonasen 1
Goals: Shepard (1), Hosey (1), Fiori B. (1), Khare Pri. (2), Al-Hiari (1)

Boy's Modified wins season opner 6-1 vs. Mohonasen. After a touch start, boys' Modified in its first season game, secured a 6-1 win over Mohonasen. The score remained 1-0 in Mohon's favor until Owen Shepard scored a goal to tie us at 1-1 in the third quarter. Mohon was unable to score again sparked by excellent defensive play by Justin Walsh. Guilderland took the lead by scoring on a penalty kick by Josh Hosey bringing the score to 2-1. Ben Fiori scored at the beginning of the 4th quater followed up by two goals by Priyansh Khare and a final goal by Aoun Al-Hiari to seal the deal. Final score 6-1 Dutchmen!
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