Guilderland High School Soccer
 Boys Varsity - 2014
Section II - Sectionals 2014 - Class AA

Section II just announced the brackets for the 2014 sectionals. Our Guilderland Dutchmen boys gained the #3 seed for this years tournament. They also got a first round bye awarded and will play the winner of the game between Saratoga and Schenectady at home at 3pm on 10/27. Please follow this link to obtain either a printable or interactive version of the Class AA brackets.

Go Dutch!!


2014 Boys Varsity Roster

Burns, Drew
Carmichael, Parker
DiBiase, Dan
McGee, Brendan
Mesiti, Matt
Obwald, Isaac
Ojukwu, Lotanna
Schiller, Matt
Septer, Dave
Sour, Chris
Talone, Mike
Thompson, Josh
Amore, Angelo
Collen, Jeremy
Keegan, Kevin
Spaulding, Dom
Thapalia, Kieran
Torres, Andres
Laundry, Tyler
Rubin, Jared
 -- 10
                  Post Season
Lia, Antonio
Yu, Eddie  17  10
Iuorno, Matt  19  10

Head Coach:  Mike Kinnally
Asst. Coach:   Arn   Armstrong

Player Statistics (unofficial)

 Player  Goals  Assists  Points
 Schiller  11  5 16
 DiBiase  10   10
 Mesiti  1
 9 10
 McGee  3  1 4
 Sour  1  3 4
 Obwald  2  1 3
 Collen  2  1 3
Ojukwu  1  1 2
Thompson    1 1
 Septer  1    1
 Thapalia  1   1
 Torres  1   1
 Rubin  1   1
 Couture  1   1
 Lia  1   1

2014 - 2015 (updated by game)

Record (overall): 12-3-1 (W-L-T)
Goals For: 38
Goals Against: 13

click HERE for Suburban Council standings

Fixtures & Results

9/2/14 @Snyder Field Guilderland 1. Bethlehem 0.
Goals: Matt Schiller (1)
Assists: Matt Mesiti (1)

In their season opener at home at Snyder Field, the Guilderland boys varsity soccer team beat Bethlehem 1-0 on Tuesday. As part of the TWC Game of the Week and in front of the rolling cameras, Matt Schiller scored the winning header on a free kick from Matt Mesiti with less than six minutes left in regulation time.

9/4/14 @Columbia HS:  Columbia 1.  Guilderland 2
Goals: Dan DiBiase (1), Matt Schiller (1)
Assists: Isaac Obwald (1), Brendan McGee (1)

In the 23rd minute, Dan DiBiase gave Guilderland the first half lead on an assist from Isaac Obwald. Columbia tied the game at 1-1 in the 58th minute. Matt Schiller scored the game winning goal four minutes later on a cross from Brandon McGee for the Dutchmen.

9/9/14 @Colonie Central HS:  Colonie 2.  Guilderland 2.
Goals: Matt Schiller (1), Isaac Obwald (1)
Assists: Chris Sour (1), Matt Mesiti (1)

Today, the Dutchmen had to travel to Colonie for the battle for sole possession of 1st place. In the 14th minute, matt Schiller took a long pass from Chris Sour into the box and pushed the ball past the onrushing goalie to give Guilderland the early lead. Colonie showed a strong response and tied the game in the 18th minute. Both teams had several more chances, with Matt Schiller hitting the frame with 10 minutes to play. In the second half, Colonie took the 2-1 lead in the 66th minute. Guilderland fought hard for the equalizer and with four minutes remaining on the clock, tied the game at 2-2 on a beautiful header by Isaac Obwald off of a well-placed cross by Matt Mesiti. Both teams had chances in overtime but neither team scored. The game ended in a 2-2 tie.

9/11/14 @Niskayuna:  Niskayuna 1.  Guilderland 4.
Goals: Brendan McGee(1),Matt Schiller(2),Dan DiBiase(1)
Assists: Matt Mesiti (2), Matt Schiller (1), Chris Sour (1)

Guilderland came from behind today at Niskayuna to win 4-1. Eight minutes into the game, Nisky scored to take the lead 1-0. Guilderland got the tying goal in the 13th minute when Brendan McGee scored on a cross from Matt Mesiti. The Dutchmen took the lead for good in the 18th minute when Dan DiBiase put in a cross from Matt Schiller to make it 2-1. Matt Schiller scored off of a corner by Chris Sour 2 minutes before the end of the first half to make the score 3-1. Late in the 2nd half, Matt Schiller completed the scoring by finishing a cross from Matt Mesiti in the 78th minute.

9/13/14 @Home:  Guilderland 1.  Shaker 3.
Goals: Lotanna Ojukwa (1)
Assists: Chris Sour (1)

On a wet afternoon, Guilderland lost against Shaker 3-1. Shaker scored in the 25th minute to take the 1-0 lead. The Dutchmen nearly got the equalizer on a well hit shot by Matt Schiller, but the half ended with Shaker leading 1-0. Right after the restart, the guests scored their second goal on a well taken penalty kick, and continued their scoring in the 59th minute on a header to the far post. The Dutchmen scored their only goal with 12 minutes left in the game when Lotanna Ojukwu put away a cross from Chris Sour.

9/16/14 @Burnt Hills:  Burnt Hills 0. Guilderland 1.
Goals: Dan DiBiase (1)
Assists: Matt Schiller (1)

The Dutchmen traveled to Burnt Hills yesterday and defeated the Spartans 1-0. Dan DiBiase scored 12 minutes into the game on a beautiful pass from Matt Schiller. Guilderland had a few other chances throughout the game but were unable to add to the lead. Parker Carmichael recorded the shutout.

9/18/14 @Home:  Guilderland 4.  Ballston Spa 0.
Goals: Jeremy Collen (1), Dan DiBiase (1), Matt Schiller (1), Dom Spaulding (1)
Assists: Josh Thompson (1), Jeremy Collen (1)

Guilderland defeated Ballston Spa 4-0. The first goal for the Dutchmen was scored 10 minutes in on a cross by Jeremy Collen that was deflected into the goal by a Ballston Spa defender. Danny DiBiase scored 10 minutes later on a pass from Josh Thompson. In the 2nd half, Matt Schiller scored the 3-0  after a pass from Jeremy Collen in the 50th minute, and Dom Spaulding ended the scoring with 5 minutes remaining in the game for the final score of 4-0. After a strong performance in the goal, Parker Carmichael recorded the shutout.

9/20/14 @Averill Park: Averill Park 0.  Guilderland 1.
Goals:  Matt Schiller (1)
Assists:  0

The Guilderland Varsity team beat Averill Park 1-0 in sudden death overtime. Matt Schiller scored the goal during a mad scramble in front of the Averill Park goal with 30 seconds left in the 1st overtime period. Parker Carmichael made a spectacular reaching save in the first half on a shot headed for the top corner of the goal.

9/23/14 @Home:  Guilderland 7.  Mohanasen 1.
Goals: Jeremy Collen (1), Chris Sour (2), Matt Schiller (1), Dan DiBiase (1), Isaac Obwald (1), Dave Septer (1), Matt Mesiti (1)
Assists:  Matt Schiller (1), Lotanna Ojukwa (1), Chris Sour (1), Matt Mesiti (1)

Seven different players scored for Guilderland in a dominating 7-1 win over the visiting team from Mohanasen. Jeremy Collen scored the opening goal for the Dutchmen on a pass by Matt Schiller. Chris Sour scored the second goal before Mohanasen closed in 2-1 on a Guilderland own goal. Matt Schiller scores off a pass from Lotanna Ojukwa to make it 3-1 before halftime. Early in the 2nd half, Dan DiBiase scored on a pass from Chris Sour. Isaac Obwald scored the 5-1 unassisted and Dave Septer followed after a pass from Matt Mesiti with the goal to 6-1. Matt Mesiti took it in his own hands to end the scoring with seconds left in the game to a final score of 7-1. A defensively dominant host held the visitors to zero shots on goal and zero corner kicks.

9/27/14 @Home:  Guilderland 6.  Saratoga 1.
Goals: Dan DiBiase (2), Matt Schiller (2), Kieran Thapalia (1), Andres Torres (1)
Assists:  Matt Mesiti (2), Matt Schiller (1)

During Alumni Weekend, the Dutchmen welcomed Saratoga last Saturday. Dan DiBiase led off the scoring in the 31st minute, rapidly followed by a penalty kick taken by Matt Schiller in the 38th minute to give Guilderland a 2-0 lead at halftime. Dan DiBiase scored in the 54th minute to make it 3-0 on an assist from Matt Mesiti before Saratoga scored on a penalty kick in the 58th minute to make it 3-1. Just two minutes later, Kieran Thapalia took a pass from Matt Schiller to raise the score to 4-1 before Matt Schiller added his second goal in the 69th minute to make it 5-1. Andrew Torres scored the final goal of the game on a pass from Matt Mesiti.

9/30/14 @Shenendehowa:  Shen 1.  Guilderland 0.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

On Tuesday, the Dutchmen traveled to face a strong team from Shenendehowa. Shen scored 20 minutes into the game to take the 1-0 lead. Five minutes later, Shen was awarded a penalty kick with the great opportunity to put the game further out of reach for the Dutchmen. Goalie Parker Carmichael saved the PK to keep Guilderland in a close game. Throughout the rest of the game, Shen and Guilderland traded opportunities but no more goals were scored.

10/02/14 @Bethlehem:  Bethlehem 1.  Guilderland 0.
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

A well played game between Guilderland and Bethlehem ended after regulation time at 0-0. Both defenses played well to minimize any promising apportunities. Six minutes into overtime, Bethlehem scored the game ending goal for the 1-0 win.

10/07/14 @Home:  Guilderland 3.  Columbia 0.
Goals: Jared Rubin (1), Dan DiBiase (2)
Assists: Matt Schiller (1)

The Dutchmen Boys Varsity Soccer team defeated Columbia 3-0. Jared Rubin opened the scoring in the 28th minute on a deflection in front of the Columbia goal. In the 2nd half, Danny DiBiase scored twice. One goal was scored unassisted in the 51st minute and the second goal after an assist by Matt Schiller in the 55th minute. Parker Carmichael got the shutout for Guilderland.

10/11/14 @Home:  Guilderland 2.  Colonie 1.
Goals: Brendan McGee (1), Dan DiBiase (1)
Assists: Matt Mesiti (1)

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon the Dutchmen Boys soccer program celebrated this year's Senior Day with a dramatic win against the Colonie Raiders. What seemed at the time a dark shadow being cast on our celebration, Colonie scored in the 7th minute to take a 0-1 lead. In front of the largest home crowd for this season, a slowly awakening Dutch offense finally succeeded when Brendan McGee scored off a header from a pass from Matt Mesiti midway through the 2nd half. When everyone settled in for extra time with 43 seconds left on the clock, Danny DiBiase finished off the game in dramamtic style with a laser shot from about 15 yards outside the box that found the back of the net for a come from behind victory over the Raiders by a score of 2-1.

10/14/14 @Home:  Guilderland 2. Averill Park 0.
Goals: Matt Schiller (1), Brendan McGee (1)
Assists: Matt Mesiti (1)

The Dutchmen beat Averill Park 2-0. Matt Schiller started off the scoring in the first half on a lovely finish of a pass from Matt Mesiti. Brendan McGee scored on a shot from 35 yards out to extend the lead to 2-0 Parker Carmichael and Jared Rubin combined for the shutout.

10/16/14 @Mohonasen: Mohonasen 1. Guilderland 2.
Goals: Ben Couture (1), Antonio Lia (1)
Assists: Isaac Obwald (1)

The Dutchmen traveled to Mohonasen and beat Mohonasen 2-1. Ben Couture scored in the first half from about 30 yards out to make the score 1-0 Dutchmen. The game remained 1-0 until the 68th minute when Antonio Lia made the score 2-0 off a lovely cross from Isaac Obwald. Mohonasen made it a game a few minutes later when scoring to make it 2-1 in the 73 rd minute. Mohonasen battled strong for the rest of the game but Guilderland was able to hold them off. Parker Carmichael and Jared Rubin combined for the win.


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