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2014 Pre-season interview with Coach Kinnally (click HERE)

2014 Post-season interview with Coach Kinnally (click HERE)

Coach Kinnally Preseason Interview 2015

Two days ago, Varsity Head Coach Mike Kinnally found a moment during an extremely busy pre-season time to sit down and  talk with us. Coach shared his thoughts on the 2015 season, current Varsity roster, and a few other upcoming events. Here is an excerpt from our discussions:

Q:  So, Coach Kinnally… your opinion how is this season shaping up?

Coach K:  The boys have been working hard and as usual our league is going to be a difficult ride, especially after the latest programmatic changes Section 2 went through (see E-letter September for details).  We have been lucky enough to avoid any injuries, so I’m hopeful we will start off the season well.

Q:  Are there any obstacles the team has to overcome early on this year?

Coach K:  I would say just inexperience for the most part.  The program has graduated 29 players over the last two years and that’s a lot of depth and talent to replace.  We have nine players from those two seasons playing in college now; we are pretty proud for those players and wish them luck in their seasons.

Q:  What is the state of the younger teams in terms of participation?

Coach K:  The Junior Varsity has 24 players on their team and we had over 55 players come out for the Modified Nine (formally Freshman) and Modified teams.  I’m pretty happy about our numbers and talent with the younger teams.

Q:    Since you mentioned it, what is this change from Freshmen to Modified Nine all about?

Coach K:  Well in brief, it basically allows us to keep more players in our program and certainly helps some schools that otherwise would have closed part of their programs. We are all for it. (for a more detailed information click here)

Q:  Are you looking forward to another successful Alumni Weekend?

Coach K:  I sure hope so!  The kids are excited about it and I have heard from a few local alumni who could not make it last year and plan on attending this year.  Plus, the way things have gone in my life the last ten years; it’s the only chance I get to play golf!  I really hope our numbers are large, like I said, the kids have been talking about it…they think it’s pretty cool…

Coach thanks for taking this moment and talking to us. Your first game is tomorrow against CBA. Good luck and success. We will check back in with you later to reflect on the 2015 season.

Coach K: Thank you. Looking forward to it.

We would like to thank Coach Kinnally for his time and we will update everyone as the season progresses.

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